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“Every connection point when I pickup my guitar is an expression of my musical voice. Strings being the most critical…When I first used D’Addario, I knew this was the most consistent and best set of strings I ever heard. The tone, the ability to withstand constant use and the consistency pack after pack, make it my string of choice for my project. The new NYXL 10-46 are the greatest…and all I use to rock and roll.”
A D’Addario Fretted player since 2000.

Peter Gusmano is a rock guitarist/drummer/songwriter born and raised on Long Island, and a recognized independent supporter of Project ALS with his acclaimed 501c3 called “Guitar For a Cure.” Aside from his original guitar compositions available globally, the project features many special guests such as Brian Tichy (Whitesnake, Ozzy, Billy Idol), Dave Weiner (Steve Vai), Bruce Bouillet (Racer X, The Scream), Ty Tabor (Kings X) and many more. Peter and his music have been featured on Fox 5, NBC, CBS, Clear Channel, Verizon Fios and many National print publications as well as overseas international publications. Recent performances around Long Island and NYC, including Highline Ballroom, BB Kings and Cutting Room…have showcased the songwriting and musical synergy of Peter Gusmano and his band. His solo music is available globally on all outlets as well as Spotify, Pandora, Amazon and iTunes. Gusmano’s guitar tracks were also featured on Tommy Lee’s (Motley Crue) side project called Methods of Mayhem – on the cd called “A Public Disservice.”

Peter has been preforming professionally for 35 years as a guitarist and drummer in various projects, yet he knew little about Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, more commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease, until his mother was diagnosed in 2004. A self-described media and PR executive by day and full time musician by night, Gusmano watched his mother’s condition deteriorate over a 16 month period before it claimed her life. ALS is a “rapidly progressive neurological disease “that attacks the nerve cells. Music, being a lifelong outlet for Gusmano, said after the death of his mom, he set out on a journey to capture the original music compositions he was hearing and forming during his mother’s illness. Deciding that this music can serve a larger purpose, funding research for ALS…Gusmano entered the studio and a year later came out with “A Flickering Light,” a cd of all instrumental compositions and started guitarforacure.com. To date, all musical releases donate 100% to Project ALS…including his live performances and merchandise sales via the website. Project ALS, the world’s largest non-profit fundraiser for ALS research, has seen Gusmano donate close to $30,000 to research and sell thousands of cds. “For me, this music is one that I write to bring you back to special moments in your life…a so called soundtrack. The guitar is my vocal on these compositions and one that speaks from the heart,” says Gusmano. Influenced by EVH, Hendrix, Tony Iommi, Jimmy Page as well as modern players like Jerry Cantrell, Michael Landau and Doug Aldrich. Gusmano has recently released his latest two singles “Terrestrial Chatter” and “Halo” both feature Gusmano on all guitars/synths but also Brian Tichy (Whitesnake, Billy Idol, Ozzy and Foreigner) on Drums, Long Island native Ethan Meixsell (Bass) and Bruce Bouillet (Racer X, The Scream) on guest guitars. There are more special guests joining on upcoming tracks. “It means a lot having some of my musical idols join me on this journey…and I still pinch myself being able to work with such professionals and know that they support my project.”

Most recently, Gusmano has also partnered with Keeley Electronics to release a limited edition pedal run of various effects…all donating to Guitar For a Cure. To date, all the limited productions have sold out with more collaborations coming up. “My greatest passion is anything music related – and once I lost my mother, life becomes a different journey…one that I wanted to make my music count towards. The emails that I receive about families or friends suffering with ALS tells me that people need support at a time like that. If my music can provide that or grow awareness of this dreaded disease, then my mission has been accomplished.” Meredith Estess, President of Project ALS, was recently quoted as saying “Peter is our real life Guitar Hero… and has set out on a journey to educate the music community about this disease. His efforts have been astonishing.”

“A Flickering Light” by Peter Gusmano is a sweet celebration of the electic guitar. The record delivers clear and beautiful melodies on a silver platter. Peters love for the instrument is obvious in the language his fingers speak.” – Steve Vai

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What Others Have To Say

"A Flickering Light" is the sweet celebration of the electric guitar. The record delivers clear and beautiful melodies on a silver platter. Peter's love for the instrument is obvious in the language his fingers speak."


"This cd totally f**king blew me away. It gave me the chills."

-Randy Gregg (Thin Lizzy, Dee Snider, Almost Queen)

"This cd is a combination of melodies and powerful guitar playing. All with amazing tone and production. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this cd ...all with a great cause in mind. Check it out."

- Eddie Head (Hajis Kitchen, Shrapnel Artist)

"People...wake up, this cd kicks ass and is for a great cause! Its awesome!!"

- Bruce Bouillet (Racer X, The Scream, Solo Artist)

"Peter is our real life Guitar Hero....making a difference every day!!!"

- Meredith Estess (President, Project ALS)