PG To Guest on EVH Gear Discussion Fri Feb 17th @9pm – Don’t Miss it!!!


Fri Feb 17th…..Dont miss when Guitar For a Cure joins the guys at #evhgeardiscussion to talk all things EVH tone and my passion for the gear.  Ill be talking about my music, studio, EVH inspirations and the history and story behind Guitar for a Cure and Project ALS.  Click HERE to join live! PLUS special giveaways !

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7 thoughts on “PG To Guest on EVH Gear Discussion Fri Feb 17th @9pm – Don’t Miss it!!!”

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"A Flickering Light" is the sweet celebration of the electric guitar. The record delivers clear and beautiful melodies on a silver platter. Peter's love for the instrument is obvious in the language his fingers speak."


"This cd totally f**king blew me away. It gave me the chills."

-Randy Gregg (Thin Lizzy, Dee Snider, Almost Queen)

"This cd is a combination of melodies and powerful guitar playing. All with amazing tone and production. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this cd ...all with a great cause in mind. Check it out."

- Eddie Head (Hajis Kitchen, Shrapnel Artist)

"People...wake up, this cd kicks ass and is for a great cause! Its awesome!!"

- Bruce Bouillet (Racer X, The Scream, Solo Artist)

"Peter is our real life Guitar Hero....making a difference every day!!!"

- Meredith Estess (President, Project ALS)