2021 Project ALS Don’t Talk a Thon is here! #DTAT2021


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I wanted to write and fill you in on a special initiative that I am taking part in…the 2021 Project ALS “Don’t Talk a Thon” fundraiser #DTAT2021 and my personal fight for a cure on behalf of all those who have had their voices silenced due to ALS, but not their will to keep fighting.

This will be my third year taking part of this special mission with Project ALS, and my 12th year supporting Project ALS. ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, is a brain disease that targets brain cells called motor neurons. Motor neurons send messages from the brain to muscles throughout the body. In ALS, as motor neurons die, a person progressively loses the ability to walk, speak, swallow, and breathe. Having lost my mother Lillian and many other close acquaintances to this disease, my life was directly impacted by this disease in which there is no cure to help our loved ones who suffer. I started my original music project www.guitarforacure.com and have been a top independent 501c3 for Project ALS since 2008 donating 100% of all my proceeds to www.projectals.org .

Over the years, I have partnered with my dear friends Valerie & Meredith Estess, co-founders of Project ALS, on so many special events and spreading the word on why finding a cure is so critical. On May 22nd, I will take a vow of silence for the day in memory of those who are fighting for a cure and those who have passed from ALS. For many, losing their voice to this disease doesn’t stop their fight. For those who know me, this charity holds a very near and dear spot in my heart and any dollar gets us one step closer to my personal goal for this year’s event.

Helping Project ALS is as critical as ever right now as they are about to grant the first ever orphan drug treatment for ALS called Prosetin. Developed by Project ALS at Columbia, Prosetin has proven to reverse cells known to be a blocking agency for the progression of ALS. While Phase 1 clinical trials were stopped due to COVID, the goal is to iniitiate human studies by the end of this year and next. Each day we fight to get closer. Thanks to all for taking time to read this and wishing you all the best to you and your families.

I miss you all! For more info and to join this fight with me, please visit my page here or sign up for your own to help Project ALS reach their goal: https://fundraise.projectals.org/fundraiser/3209680?fbclid=IwAR3-t35J6KvuVD9PSwSIrLn90z-WXAozxjRpi_2uqG_XN3Y791FeepkIbK0

Best Wishes, Peter G.

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